On-Demand, Hosted Software

CRMUnleashed offers two different purchasing options. On-Premise or Our On-demand (software-as-service) also known as hosted software option allows users the flexibility and ease of use of CRMUnleashed without the resource requirements of installing and maintaining software on their own servers.

CRMUnleashed's hosted help desk, CRM and customer support software is a maintenance free, on-demand solution delivered over the Internet and accessed through a Web browser at a fixed price per user per month, access CRM Unleashed from Internet 24/7.

You can add users as you need them and only pay monthly for the number of licensed users in your system. We will take care of all of the maintenance, software upgrades and equipment needs.


Hosting Facility

Our On Demand or Hosted CRM Solution employs state-of-the-art security, ensuring that confidentiality of customer data is perfect. We have devoted vast resources to continue the development of our world-class security infrastructure, with the result being security and privacy for our clients and their information. Our hosting is also fiber optic backboned for extremely high speed access.

Unleashed On-Demand hosting is supported and administered the best way possible: by those who continue to build the program. The software is always growing in features and is automatically updated for seamless operation by your organization. Their state-of-the-art hosting facility is designed for maximum reliability and security of your data. The secure data centers are equipped with redundant HVAC systems, advanced fire suppression systems, uninterruptible power supplies and more to keep your data safe and secure. These facilities are managed by highly-trained, certified networking and security teams with experience in enterprise level networks.


• Quick deployment of Unleashed On-Demand is affordable and easy, with no up-front IT investment.
• CRMUnleashed maintains all necessary software and hardware components
• lower total cost of ownership with a set price per month
• completely scalable, as your organization grows you can add additional users
• no skilled personnel or additional infrastructure necessary
• unlimited technical support and software upgrades installed for you
• accessible from any web browser

How to Buy

CRM Unleashed On-Demand Edition is available for purchase through KCSI. Call: +1-604-504-7936, Toll Free 1-866-888-KCSI (5274) or Email Sales to find out more.
Choose THE Solution That Suits Your Needs

CRM Unleashed On-Demand hosted help desk software solution and the CRM Unleashed On-Premise CRM solution address various business situations.
Click here to view an On-Premise and On-Demand comparison in order to help in the consideration of which is the better solution today for your company.

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