Customer Service and Support Software

Complete access to every detail to improve management and enhance customer relationships with Unleashed Customer Support Software.

Getting and keeping customers is crucial and increasing their satisfaction is paramount.

Your mastery of managing such relationships with Unleashed Help Desk Software gives you the edge over the competition.

Unleashed software will assist you in improving your customer satisfaction and retention levels while keeping customers loyal and making your relationships profitable.

Today, customer service, help desk, support representatives and managers encounter more and more challenges all the time. Businesses wish to leverage their current customer base to drive repeat business, cross-sell and up-sell by employing post-sales service reps to keep customers satisfied.

All support requests are opportunities to augment your relationships with customers or even to generate additional revenue. Unleashed Service Support software dramatically increases your productivity levels by aiding your reps in going beyond basic support into the realm of true leadership regarding customer success.

Resolve challenges more quickly with Unleashed Service Support software, which provides access to comprehensive account information within a central location, which is effectively sorted to prevent difficulty while for staff or phone notes or e-mails.

Effortlessly create new cases, escalate, and transfer to additional staff, communicate with your client direct through the customer portal and much more.

CRMUnleashed Customer Service Software is a robust yet simple and easy to use 100% web-based application that will make a difference in any organization.

With CRMUnleashed 100% Web based, customer service support software you can:

Offer 24/7 support to customers in multiple locations around the world

• CRMUnleashed customer support software is a zero footprint, 100% Web based application, there is no installation necessary on individual computers.
• CRMUnleashed is easily accessible through a web browser, giving you the ability to create new and view existing support requests, check the status of an existing request or find answers to common issues.
• Offer support to customers in multiple locations from a single application. With CRMUnleashed, you can keep your customers happy by providing them with 2 methods of communication, one via the web based customer portal where they can create new cases, review the status of existing cases, add notes, images and documents to cases and communicate with your support staff with ease or your customers can install the bug tracking utility onto their computer giving them the ability to create screenshots of issues and submit them to new or existing cases on the fly.

Easily track, manage and prioritize customer support requests

• CRMUnleashed help desk software will automatically email you when new cases are created or modified based on your preferences.
• When entering issues, you can assign case owners, and supervisors, utilize some or all of the drop down selectable fields from products through to categories to associate to your issues, add comments, documents and notes.
• Create/schedule tasks, meetings and calls and associate to an issue. Activities can be assigned to anyone in your organization.
• Allow your customers to submit customer support requests via the customer portal or bug tracking utility.
• Easily communicate with your customers by choosing to turn a note entry related to a case into a customer alert, by doing this the note will be e-mailed to the customer in order for them to review and respond if required.
• CRMUnleashed gives you the power to define service level agreements and monitor compliance, support agreement alerts are visible when creating cases in order to assure the user is notified when defined service deadlines are approaching.
• Customize your dashboard to show the metrics you care about the most. Easily see the number of New, open and closed support issues, the top 10 cases in the case planning queue all by assignee.

The reporting options available in Crmunleashed help desk software allow you to run reports on numerous data fields to use in your customer support related decision making.

Manage, reference issue solutions
Easily search your open and closed issues and help desk requests based on one or numerous fields, in order for you to find the information you are looking for.

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