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The 100% Web-based CRM Unleashed help desk software solution is a simple and easy to use yet powerful enough to make a huge difference in any organization.

Unleashed Help Desk Software empowers your customer service desk with peak efficiency, bringing faster case resolution while controlling costs and optimizing the satisfaction of your customers.

Poor customer service is eliminated with Unleashed Help Desk Software, so loss of customers becomes a thing of the past. Put a stop to poor customer service, forgotten cases, missed priorities and deadlines and take control of your customer support needs with Unleashed.

Unleashed’s Help Desk Software is robust to make huge improvements in the effectiveness of any company. Completely Web-based and customizable, it’s THE help desk software you need to.

With CRMUnleashed help desk software you can:

Streamline your help desk procedures

• CRMUnleashed help desk software will automatically email you when new cases are created or modified based on your preferences.
• When entering issues, you can assign case owners, and supervisors, utilize some or all of the drop down selectable fields from products through to categories to associate to your issues, add comments, documents and notes.
• Create/schedule tasks, meetings and calls and associate to an issue. Activities can be assigned to anyone in your organization.
•When a new issue comes in via the customer portal or bug tracking utility, CRMUnleashed creates a trackable case request. CRMUnleashed help desk software will also keep track of all subsequent, note, document and email correspondence inside of the issue.

Easily track, manage, prioritize and assign Help Desk support requests

• In CRMUnleashed you can define service level support agreements and monitor compliance. Alerts appear when creating cases for a customer when their defined service support deadlines are approaching.
• CRMUnleashed help desk software is 100% Web based and zero footprint. No installation on individual computers is necessary and CRMUnleashed is accessible through a web browser.
• Customize your dashboard to show the metrics you care about the most. Easily see the number of New, open and closed support issues, the top 10 cases in the case planning queue all by assignee.

Case priorities and time booking

• Support administrators can easily define case priorities for any user in order to assure the urgent cases remain priority, changing the priority for an item in a queue automatically shuffles the rest of the priorities in that queue.
• With the detailed time booking capabilities, support staff, customers and administrators can always tell what has been worked and how much time has been allocated to each entry along with a unique comment per entry for audit logging, management now can easily watch for time abuse, or problem trends forming for staff.
• Full transparency – with the ability to book time your customers now have the ability to see first hand time booked for each case, along with what has happened thus far.


• The reporting options available in Crmunleashed help desk software allow you to run reports on numerous data fields to use in your customer support related decision making.

Increase end user satisfaction

• Your customers can via their web browser and your customer portal or the bug tracking utility they can install on their computer, view the status of their support issue, comment on an existing support issue, or even upload documents, images and or notes related to an existing or new support issues anytime, anywhere without interrupting your help desk staff.
Manage, reference issue solutions
• Easily search your open and closed issues and help desk requests based on one or numerous fields, in order for you to find the information you are looking for.

View complete Help Desk Software feature list. To see an online demo, request pricing or contact an CRMUnleashed help desk representative please fill out our online request form.

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