Microsoft Outlook Synchronization Utility for CRMUnleashed

Microsoft Outlook Synchronization Utility for CRMUnleashed

As a help desk coordinator you need a software program that simplifies the nearly impossible feat of keeping your team up-to-date and on the same page in real time. The CRMUnleashed Microsoft Outlook Integrator is the ultimate tool for managing data and communicating it efficiently. Contact updates, calendar changes and tasks are quickly and reliably synchronized bi-directionaly, you can even synchronize your emails from Outlook into CRMUnleashed with ease.

Teamwork made easy

With CRMUnleashed Microsoft Outlook Integrator you immediately improve the communication between your entire team. At any time and from anywhere in the world you can synchronize Customer / Contact details, Calls, Meetings and tasks between CRMUnleashed and Outlook so even if you are not in CRMUnleashed everybody who is can be on the same page and at the same time - that's got to be a first. And because of the extremely high encryption you can synchronize your important information and feel safe.

Better cooperation with customers

Our true 2-way synchronization technology lets you keep your CRM information and your Outlook in tune with each other. As you change data in CRMUnleashed or in Outlook, synchronize to keep data updated in both systems. Synchronize the Calendar and Contacts in Outlook to your CRMUnleashed system and from the CRMUnleashed to your Outlook providing a seamless integration.