Sales Analytics Software Solution

Sales Analytics with CRMUnleashed CRM Software Solution

Let CRM Unleashed SFA Software do the measuring while you do the managing…

Prediction accuracy is vital to sales organizations because without critical insight, decisions become based on conjecture and not in factual data. Managers need precise data to assess their business’ previous performance as they look ahead to future goals. Answers to crucial business questions need to be quick and without having to wade through piles of information.

CRM Unleashed SFA Software’s robust analytics provide managers with real-time data to produce effective results.

Easy-to-use sales analytical tool allow executives to analyze sales pipelines, initiate win-loss analyses, anticipate trends of competition, and more.

Executive Dashboards

• Gain simple, personalized access to all of each pipeline, and have the tools to immediately view all reps’ individual pipelines.
• Custom and pre-built reports provide vital, on-the-fly insight in a wide variety of graphical formats that work the best for your needs.
• Account meetings are conducted directly on the screen, helping your salespeople to avoid time wasted on updates to separate documents.

Real-Time Reporting

• Acquire a thorough understanding of your pipelines then implement actionable insight using real-time reporting so your sales team proceed together using a unified version of "the truth".
• Quickly export reports to other applications, like Excel and Acrobat.
• Simply perform rolled-up, historical or segmented pipeline analysis for insights that lead to the needed shaping of your company to move it boldly forward.
• Optimize sales operations and processes
• Use accurate insights to improve vital sales challenges
• Maximize your competitiveness
• Improve pipeline visibility for precise revenue predictability
• Comprehend sales trends and discover issues so your business can be adapted accordingly

Reporting and Charting Tools

• Invent and customize reports in real time to apply highlighted, customized charts.
• More than a score of packaged reports for everything from customers to leads are there to aid in discovering the vast amount of data in the system.

CRM Unleashed enables you to use complete data to create dynamic reports that employ specific filters and parameters to display information from all angles and provide the summaries you need.

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