Sales Opportunity Management with CRMUnleashed Software

Sales Opportunity Management with CRMUnleashed Software

Referring to multiple copies of spreadsheets to ascertain a single "truth" takes enormous time-is often inaccurate since forecasting is only as perfect as is the source of data.

Gain confidence in your numbers while forecasting precisely with CRM Unleashed SFA Software, so you can quit basing decisions on guesswork.

Opportunity-Level Forecasting

With CRM Unleashed, your reps can forecast and commit to revenue on a deal-by-deal bases.

Sales Staff and Managers Can Forecast Each Opportunity

Guarantee precision through the involvement of managers in the forecasting process. Using CRM Unleashed sales force automation software, managers and reps forecast every opportunity to offer an accurate relationship between prediction and actual close. By incorporating managers into commits for individual deal forecasts, managers and reps will conduct more precise conversations regarding pipeline deals to achieve more accurate forecasts.

Opportunity value

Assign unique weights to each stage of an opportunity so when you assign a stage to an opportunity the value of that opportunity auto adjusts giving you a clearer more accurate picture of your forecasted sales opportunities

Automatic Consolidation

Manager and rep forecasts are consolidated automatically into a comprehensive forecast, offering an exact picture of opportunities the sales team is pursuing. Utilizing real-time information, forecasts are streamlined and more precise, thus removing traditional methods for manually consolidating spreadsheets.

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