Flexible Sales Methodologies in CRMUnleashed Sales Force Software

Flexible Sales Methodologies in CRMUnleashed Sales Force Software

Duplicate the process of your best salespeople and increase the productivity of your complete sales team by growing and assuring best procedures, practices and policies. CRM Unleashed provides the versatility to execute and plan productive sales strategies based on your specific sales ideals.

Customizable Workflow Rules

Sales organizations have particular methods to drive deals within the sales cycle. Automatically enforce every correct step and stage into every type of sale. Sales managers then commit fewer hours hounding reps and more hours toward aiding them in closing the ideal deals.

CRM Unleashed Sales Force Automation software incorporates the methods that work best for you and your sales team. The versatile rules-based workflow engine lets users apply defined milestones at every stage of sales to assign tasks automatically to the appropriate sales rep to trigger customizable rules.

Automatic Task Assignment and Progression

Sustain the correct policies by dynamically assigning required tasks to ideal sales reps based on roles. Using customizable task templates to pre-define required information, your entire sales team force continues your "best practice" processes for every opportunity.

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