CRMUnleashed Territory Management Software Solution

CRMUnleashed Territory Management Software Solution

CRM Unleashed SFA Software has the territory management capabilities to analyze, administer, define and change sales regions to suit your sales organization, regardless of how complex or evolutionary it may be.

With a simple point-and-click style, your business can route opportunities and accounts automatically to the appropriate sales teams, territories and sales professionals.

Advanced management of your territories permits the management of your company by numerous criteria, guaranteeing the right team gets the right data and that no losses of leads occur.

Territory-based Lead Assignment

• Establish lead queues and lead assignment criteria to route leads to the exact sales organization and sales rep automatically based on their assigned territories.
• Eliminate any delays during assignment of leads.

Territory Reassignments

• Reassign customers from one sales rep to another as needed.
• Optimize territory realignments if any reorganization of sales departments occur.

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