CRM Unleashed Help Desk Software's Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

CRM Unleashed’s Workflow Automation Produces Proven Results

Your contains vast stores of data on your clients, partners, prospects and suppliers.
CRM Unleashed Workflow Automation tracks your company’s systems and assigns the appropriate people to take action automatically, thus saving time for everyone while assuring that no lead or customer is missed.

Business logic and context applied to your information to provide the power to respond proactively. Workflow Automation can be configured with rules to process the information and the logic of who to send alerts and reports to. Gain confidence that no opportunities are missed when building successful customer relationships.

CRM Unleashed features workflow automation processes that you can easily customize to coordinate your organization's marketing, service and sales. Redundant tasks are eliminated and greater control of routine activities is gained.

Real-Time Alert Messaging Provides Immediate Responses

• Vital business activities can receive alerts via electronic memo or e-mail so that responses to time-sensitive information can be made from anywhere.
• Track the data in CRM Unleashed and accounting or inventory system databases to provide increased visibility into your company’s' crucial daily activities. All the data and activities coming into, or going out of, your company each day is a concept that may seem to be overwhelming. CRM Unleashed Workflow Automation, however, will create successful customer relationships in a simple way so that no customer opportunity or inquiry slips through the cracks.

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