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Finding the right people to service your I.T. environment can be a time consuming and expensive task. Issues pertaining to software, computers and networks are many and varied and in most cases require a high level of knowledge and expertise in order to rectify them whilst maintaining overall system integrity and network stability.

After 11 years in business, the KCSI team has learnt to truly appreciate that our people are our greatest strength. Their commitment to the customer and the industry, professionalism, integrity and high expectations is unparalleled. KCSI's staff regularly upgrade their skills so as to ensure that they remain at the forefront of advanced and emerging technology and standards.

The KCSI team are dependable, knowledgeable, and display attention to detail in all that they undertake to ensure customer satisfaction. They respond quickly to all requests and establish close working relationships with our customers. KCSI continually strives to be an industry leader in the area of information and communications technology. Every member of there team is dedicated to providing the best service available within the industry. There strength is generated from there commitment to clients, our industry, employees, and ourselves.

KCSI is committed to providing its clients with quality service whilst creating an enjoyable and productive working environment. They are sensitive and responsive to our clients needs and devoted to their satisfaction. They strive to be fair, honest, courteous and professional in all our dealings.

KCSI is committed to developing the most talented and knowledgeable workforce within the ICT industry. They are dedicated to providing a working environment which allows each and every employee to experience both job satisfaction and growth, and, at the same, time meeting the desires of the company to produce the best quality service available. They wish to develop employees known for their character, commitment, and confidence, and we recognize the importance of each individual in the success of the entire company. They participate in each employee's personal development by stressing education, training and the attainment of industry recognized certifications. KCSI maintains an open-door policy at all times; encouraging the flow of communication, the exchange of ideas, creativity and self-esteem in the work place.

KCSI is committed to excellence in every way, in our work ethic, in the products and services we provide, and in our relationships with our clients, employees and industry.

You can rest assured. If you purchase software from KCSI you are in safe and very capable hands.