CRM Unleashed Helpdesk Software Pricing

The price for your CRM Unleashed Helpdesk Software system is based on the number of Licensed users you require and the type of solution you choose. We offer hosted (SaaS) and premise solutions. Our premise solution can be leased annually or purchased outright.

Solution options:

Installed on Your Server
Annual Lease


 Licensed users: $100/user
 End users: free and unlimited

  • pay monthly
  • installed on our server(s)
  • unlimited software subscription and support

 Licensed users: $850/user*
 End users: free and unlimited

  • one time user cost
  • installed on your server(s)
**software subscription & support is an additional 25% of the list price of all license fees

 Licensed users: $408/user*
 End users: free and unlimited

  • pay annually
  • installed on your server(s)
  • unlimited software subscription and support

Software Subscription and Support - All software upgrades, including major releases, and unlimited technical support via telephone, web and email.


 Licensed Users:

Licensed users are the only type of user you are required to pay for with CRM Unleashed Helpdesk Software. Licensed users are only those users that need to have permission to:

  • Assign issues
  • Be assigned issues
  • Submit issues on behalf of other users
  • Administer your system

Users that do not need to perform any of the above functions and are available at no charge.


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