CRMUnleashed Help-Desk Software Features

With the many features found in CRMUnleashed Help Desk Software it is difficult to list all features and benefits however below you will find just a few of the many key features and benefits found in CRMUnelashed Help Desk Software.


Add files of any size and format as documents or attachments to notes, issues, organizations, contacts

Calendar & Reminders

Schedule issue and task events in day, week or month formats in the Calendar. Set up email notifications and reminders from the calendar or from required and target dates on an issue or project.

CRM Management

Fully functional customer relationship management solution

Customer Support / Help Desk Software Solution

Easy to use web based customer support / help desk software solution giving your staff easy to use access to review existing cases, create new cases, transfer cases from employee to employee, communicate with your customer through case management and the customer portal, prioritize your cases using case planning, and much more.

Customer support portal

Easy to use web based customer support portal giving your customers easy to use access to review existing cases, communicate with the case workers or create new cases.


View key metrics at-a-glance in a graphical display.

Document Management

Upload large documents to your Cases, customer, lead or partner files.


Ensure prompt responses by both customers and assignees through escalations. Send email notifications, change field values, add pre-defined notes and close abandoned issues.

Email Notifications

Keep customers, assignees, case owners and other interested parties updated through email.

Embedded Images and Rich Text

Use rich text options to embed image files, format and spell check text, as well as insert tables and hyperlinks within issues.

iPad Compatible / Web-based Access

Deploy CRMUnleashed over the internet or your company's intranet with no client-side installation required by your users all you need is a (Computer, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Laptop etc) web browser and internet access.

Issue Auditing

Store and archive issue audits for compliance and legal purposes.

Issue Tracking Utility

Easy to use Issue Tracking Screen-shot utility can be installed on your customer's computer so when an issue happens they just have to click a button and the utility will take a screenshot of the issue then submit it as a new case or attach to an existing case with ease.

Issue, User and Organization Fields

Create your own drop-down, text and date fields for issue, user and organization records. Make these fields “required” and/or “private.”

Operation Schedule and Time Zone

Adjust time calculations based on your operating schedule and server/user time zone discrepancies.

Outlook integration

Easily synchronize your contacts, tasks, meetings and calls bi-directionally between CRMUnleashed and Microsoft Outlook, you can also sync your outlook emails into CRMUnleashed Help Desk Software

Password Reset

Allow users to change their CRMUnleashed passwords.

Project Priority Management

Estimate and track timelines, book time and easily plan case priority

Report Writer

Design and share custom queries and reports from the report writer.


Search and share issue criteria using numerous sorting and output

Searches and Saved Searches

Search, save and share issue criteria using a variety of output and sorting options.

Self Registration

Let new users self-register from the Login screen. Have the system email passwords or give users immediate access.

Service Support Level Agreements

Set and monitor customer support levels.

Service Contracts

Subtract labor hours from established customer service contracts.

Site References

Define your own terminology for how issues, issue subjects, issue types, projects and locations/regions.


Close all your issues with consistently professional messages by creating pre-defined solutions.

Summary Reports

Run built-in reports with date range and sorting options.

Workflow & Task Management

Delegate pre-defined and ad-hoc actions using tasks. Initiate pre-defined processes such as change management, new hires, etc. using task groups.
Make users other than issue assignees temporarily responsible using next actions feature.