CRMUnleashed Time Tracking Capabilities

CRMUnleashed Time Tracking Capabilities

Track time in order to monitor workloads of case assignees, the amounts that clients are charged, respect budgets established, and track support plan coverage.

CRM Unleashed automatically tallies and reports on the amount of time and resources committed to case resolutions.

Monitor the time spent working on emails and documents, completing tasks, assigning escalations and delays in client communications and apply needed improvements immediately.

Phone calls and tasks are logged with start and finish times to add to the accuracy of the ultimate billing amounts.

Away time, down time and reply time is all monitored and clocked to the second. A residual bonus is that users begin to adopt a more time-sensitive attitude toward all their duties so companies that use CRM Unleashed profit from a greater return-on-investment in an additional organic way.

Meetings and communications improve in their accuracy and investment of time.

Robust reports are available to users of all designations, whether in support, management, marketing, customer support or help desk personnel.

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