CRMUnleashed Help Desk Software Training- Contributing to Your Success

CRMUnleashed Help Desk Software Training- Contributing to Your Success

We're in the business of helping you successfully manage customer relationships, so you better believe we take care of our own customers. KCSI is committed to providing you with the materials you require to guarantee that your CRMUnleashed experience is successful.

CRMUnleashed’s professional services team provides a variety of services to assist CRMUnleashed customers in maximizing the potential of their CRMUnleashed system. These services include installation, training, configuration assistance, data import, custom programming and consulting.

Administrator Training

This in-depth training session will provide you with the information and best practices necessary to use CRMUnleashed in order to support your business processes and procedures. General topics covered include organization structures, user roles and attributes, support and task management, project management, email notifications, time booking, case priority, work flow management, field population, escalation rules, service level agreements and reporting. Administrator training is conducted via phone and web conference or in person if requested (travel and lodging fees may apply) and lasts about 16 hours.

User (non-administrator) Training

User training is designed to educate your non-administrative users with the information necessary to use Crmunleashed successfully. Users will be familiarized with submitting cases, creating searches, closing cases, booking time, case priority management, setting personal preferences and more. User training is conducted via phone and web conference or in person if requested (travel and lodging fees may apply) and lasts about 16 hours.


Designed to help existing CRMUnleashed customers ensure they are getting the most out of CRMUnleashed help desk software. Potential topics include: reviewing current setup and un-utilized features, introducing Crmunleashed to new administrators and/or users or discussing new business goals and needs. TuneUp sessions are between 2 and 8 hours.

Training Benefits

• Get in-depth training on how to properly utilise CRM Unleashed for your business.
• Get the latest information about the direction of CRM Unleashed including upcoming enhancements.
• Learn about processes and concepts that cannot be conveyed through end user documentation.
• Provide a mechanism for ongoing training of your new employees.

On-Line (Live over the Web) Training

KCSI can provide on-line training that is designed to make the transition into CRMUnleashed help desk software as smooth and inexpensive as possible by providing a way to get your staff trained without having the overhead cost of travel, lodging etc. With on-line training you can be trained from the comfort of your home or office with as many people on your end involved in the training sessions as you desire.

We usually start by achieving an understanding of your overall business practices, establishing new workflow procedures and training by department.

Who should get trained?

• Customer Support Staff
• Owner/Partner/Executives
• Sales Managers or Personnel

Why Train?

We strongly recommend not minimizing the need for end user training. Often a simple feature or combination of features can literally save thousands of dollars in labor. The type of training needed is usually determined by a customer's technical and knowledge level.

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