CRM Unleashed Web Based Help Desk Software Solutions


CRMUnleashed Web-based help desk software is currently deployed by numerous companies providing Customer support and IT help desk support teams, around the world. You may be looking for software that will help you support your customers or perhaps an incident case management software solution, the flexability of CRMUnleashed help desk software delivers.

CrmUnleashed is a web-based on-demand or on-premise based help desk software solution that can be used to track technical support incidents, customer requests or any other kind of critical issue.

Here are just a few popular uses for CRMUnleashed:

Customer Support

•  Deliver your customers service and support from anywhere
•  Increase your customer retention and satisfaction
•  Email alerting in a snap when required both between your internal staff and the customer if required
•  Easy to use reporting and tracking of case management
•  Easy to use Web-based portal access for your customers and partners
•  Give your customers the ability to take a quick screenshot of an issue and add to a new case or existing case with a click of a button.

Customer Relationship Management

•  Simple 360 degree view of your customer history from sales and support
•  Advanced Opportunity management delivers a true sales picture on-the-fly
•  lead, customer and partner management simplified
•  Call, Meeting and task management that makes sense
•  Interface to outlook so you always have your contact and schedule data with you regardless of your internet connection status

Help Desk

•  Improve support output and reduce IT service costs
•  Assign, prioritize, track and manage IT support issues
•  provide IT support and services to customers and staff within your organization
•  Support plans created and assigned with ease assuring you always know the status of your customers support plan limits.